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Welcome to Scruffy Joe's Cat Grooming 

I'm Gillian Harvey and I've loved cats for as long as I can remember! I've lived with a huge variety of feline characters over the years and have a fascination with feline behaviour.

Established in 2001, my cat grooming service is based in Calne, Wiltshire. It was set up to help owners maintain the coats of longhaired cats, to avoid problems such as knots and mats, and keep the coats looking beautiful. Prior to this I had adopted a couple of rescue Persian cats and came to realise that many owners were struggling to keep the coats maintained and that was why many Persian cats ended up in rescue. I wanted to see if I could prevent this happening so much by offering a grooming service.

 My very first Persian kitten, Joe, became the 'Name' of the business. Joe is 18 years old now, and not really scruffy at all! - but when he was a kitten his fur used to stick out every which way, so earning him the name Scruffy Joe! As you can see from the picture above - not such a 'scruffy' Joe.